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RSS Security Chiefs Meet In Grenada

Security Chiefs from RSS Member States met at Radisson Beach Resort, Grenada, to discuss matters of security impacting their countries and the region. (Photo courtesy Barbados Defence Force)


Leaders in law enforcement from Regional Security System (RSS) Member States met today to discuss a number of security matters. 

The Joint Coordinating and Planning Committee (JCPC) meeting was held in Grenada, which currently holds the chairmanship of the RSS. It provided a forum for the Security Chiefs to share the status of security within their borders and to also discuss any crime threats and challenges with which they may be faced. 

A warm welcome was given to the Commissioner of the Guyana Police Force and Chief of Staff of the Guyana Defence Force, who represented the Cooperative Republic of Guyana at their first meeting since becoming members of the RSS in September last year. 

In delivering the opening remarks, Acting Commissioner of the Royal Grenada Police Force, Don McKenzie, lauded the RSS for the continued support provided to Member States in response to the various challenges with which they have been faced. 

He also highlighted the importance of the meeting, noting that “While expected that this [meeting] will be a productive one, it is hoped that the engagement will serve as a catalyst for the collective actions to address most of our pressing challenges and therefore yield solutions to problems that individual Member States may deem insurmountable but which are most effectively tackled by leveraging the capabilities of RSS as a whole.”

During the day-long meeting, there were reports by each security official and a presentation by Quality Assurance Officer / Re-Accreditation Coordinator at the University of the West Indies, Dr. Pamela Dottin, who shared her findings on the training needs of the RSS. 

She disclosed that the RSS has received high praise from across its Member States and has been deemed as “a vital spoke in the creation and maintenance of standards across agencies which significantly contribute to the quality of national and joint operations.” 

The security officials reconvene tomorrow, Wednesday, March 22, when the RSS Council of Ministers meet to continue the regional discussion. 


Written by RSS

March 21, 2023

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