Executive Director’s Christmas Message 2018

Regional Security System | Tues 25 Dec 18

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As we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior today, I want to extend warm Christmas greetings to all staff of the Regional Security System (RSS) and its partners.

I am truly appreciative and content with the assistance which you all have provided throughout the year, as we strived to maintain the outstanding performance and reputation for which the RSS is known. Going forward, we will continue working together to ensure that the RSS is seen as the centre of excellence for the delivery of training in the maritime sub-sector.

To reach our goals we cannot attempt this journey as a single entity, but as a team, and that team concept must spill over into our operational sphere as well. It is with this mindset that we can successfully overcome any challenges with which we might be faced in 2019.

I wish I could say that next year is going to be easier, but the challenges which we will face in 2019 will not be any less demanding than those that we faced in 2018. However, I strongly believe that we can do justice to whatever comes before us if we do it in a collective manner, regionally and internationally. While we did not experience any severe weather systems this year, our security challenges are increasing and we are still tackling the issue of corruption. Corruption has no boundaries and it is an area on which I am very keen about collaborating.

Let me take this time to also express sincerest gratitude to our external partners, for it is through consistent collaboration with those organizations, that we have survived thus far. They include: Impacs; the United States of America; the United Kingdom, the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Association (CDEMA) and the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS).

In conclusion, I urge you as you enjoy the season’s festivities, to take time to praise the Creator and be mindful of those who are less fortunate due to economic challenges. Make a donation, hug someone you have not seen for a while, or visit someone who is unable to make it out. I also encourage you demonstrate tolerance in your consumption of food and alcoholic beverages, bearing in mind that life goes on after December 31.

On behalf of my wife and family, I wish all staff of the RSS and their families, peace, prosperity and good health for 2019.

Captain (N) Errington Shurland