Frequently Asked Questions on the Tender for Crime Scene Equipment

Regional Security System | Thursday, November 21, 2019

Persons submitting tenders for Crime Scene Investigations Equipment are reminded that the deadline for submissions is November 27, 2019. Below are some Frequently Asked Questions regarding the tender.

Query 1:

In the instructions to tenderer: Clause 10.2 states that “All tenders must be submitted in one original, marked ‘original’, and four (03) copies signed in the same way as the original and marked ‘copy’. Electronic copies of tenders titled “RSS HQ/823/2/4: Supply of Crime Scene Investigations Equipment” must also be submitted to by the deadline specified in 10.3.Please clarify if we are allowed to submit an electronic copy only, or if we have to submit a physical dossier containing the above mentioned original and copies as well.


Tenderers are required to submit an electronic dossier as well as a physical dossier. The physical dossier should comprise of one (01) original marked ORIGINAL and four (04) copies marked COPY.

Query 2:

For the technical evaluation criteria, Clause 20.2. c. i. states that the tenderer has delivered supplies under at least one contract with a budget of at least $401, 869 BBD. Please clarify that the supplies for a previous contract of this value can be for other law enforcement items, not just forensic consumables.


With respect to clause 20.2 (c) of the Instructions to Tenderers, “supplies” may refer to other law enforcement items.

Query 3:

Are we allowed to quote in US Dollars?


Yes, tenderers are allowed to quote in US dollars.

Query 4:

Will electronic copies be accepted via email?


Yes, electronic copies via email will be accepted.

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