St. Lucia’s Marine Officers Trained To Maintain Vessels

Regional Security System | Thurs 1 Nov 18

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Ten officers of the Marine Unit of the Royal St. Lucia Police Force are now better equipped to maintain the department’s vessels thanks to a programme sponsored by the Regional Security System (RSS).

The officers successfully completed courses in Advanced Outboard Maintenance and Basic Engineering, during a three week programme which was conducted at the Royal St. Lucia Police Force – Marine Police Unit Base.

During a closing ceremony for both programmes, Deputy Commissioner of the Royal St. Lucia Police Force, Mr. Milton Desir, said that his organisation “grabbed” at the opportunity for its officers to be trained in those fields as they would be better able to maintain and preserve the existing assets.

Noting that many of the Marine Unit’s operations were conducted under adverse sea conditions, Mr. Desir stated that the vessels must be in “top shape” to ensure successful completion of tasks at sea.

“I am sure that the knowledge you have gained in these two courses will contribute towards enhancing the operational capability of the Marine Unit. I therefore urge you to practice what you have learnt so far, that your individual skills may be enhanced,” the Deputy Commissioner opined.

He advised the participants to display the right attitude at all times, and noted that “if you do not have the right attitude, you will not achieve much”.

“There is a saying that your attitude determines your altitude. So whether you are skillful… or you are the best, if you don’t display the right attitude, you are going nowhere,” the Police official stressed.

Mr. Desir also mentioned the need for additional resources at the Unit and gave the assurance that they would continue to take pride in, and adequately maintain, any new stock. He pointed out: “For us to have a better Marine Unit, for us to preserve the assets that we are entrusted with, we need to do our best, our attitudes have to be there… and we need to work in a harmonious setting so that we can achieve the goals of the Marine Unit, the goals of the Royal St. Lucia Police Force and the goals of the RSS.”

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